Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hypertext Links: Issues with Macs

I got the hang of picture hosting a few weeks ago -well at a basic level at least (one photo per post). Today I figured out hypertext links. The problem was more complicated than I thought although the solution was easy. For some reason I could see only the spellchecker and the image upload buttons on the editing toolbar. I use a Mac and the Apple Safarai browser. When I tried IE Explorer I couldn't see the toolbar at all (another Microsoft winner!). I tried adding code in HTML but to no avail. Eventually I did what all grown men try to avoid: email the HelpDesk at Blogger. I received an immediate acknowledgement and a full reply 24 hours later. It seems that the current version of Safari has a few compatibility issues with the Blogger editor but subsequent versions will support so-called rich HTML editing. The browser of choice is Firefox from Mozilla which is available as a free download for either PCs or Macs. I duly configured Firefox on my iBook and "Hey, Presto" I can now do hypertxt links and get up to all sorts of mischief including a bit of Google Bombing. Firefox appears to be a brilliant product and the Mozilla site is well worth a visit (no, I'm not getting paid for this endorsement.)

I should also mention that the IT Department of the orgnaization in which I am employed is recommending that we all switch to Firefox as it doesn't have the security issues associated with IE Explorer.


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