Friday, November 14, 2014

Musical Postcards: Dream Theatre

A few months back I caught veteran virtuoso-psychedelic-prog-metal (or whatever) band, Dream Theatre, at Seattle's McCaw Hall. They put on a spectacular and dreamy multi-media show and all the band members demonstrated masterful instrumental skill. John Petrucci on lead guitar was quite outstanding. To the delight of the crowd DT shredded, meandered and jammed in a way that would have turned Jerry Garcia sativa green with envy: throughout the concert a light show sparkled and exploded like a mini-supernova. Entertaining stuff although I couldn't help thinking that Hawkwind did exactly the same thing (albeit a bit less polished) 45 years earlier...

By all means watch the entire vid from beginning to end but IMHO it's best to start it at around 1'30".

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Anonymous said...

I was just looking at this and it made me think of you!!!