Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fu Fighters

Some photos from recent seminar with Master David Leung who is probably one of the best all round martial artists I've seen (and I've seen a lot over the years). As well as Tai Chi he has a deep knowledge of different kung fu styles as well as Japanese arts including jujitsu and aikido. His weapons techniques are also extremely impressive. Here he is teaching a tai chi sword form. The weapon is known as a Jian or "Scholar's Sword" -it's more of a thrusting instrument than a Japanese katana although it can also be used to make slashing cuts.

Master Leung makes a point (sorry, I couldn't resist) to Sifu Viola Brumbaugh

The form is very different to iaido and kenjutsu I've studied in the past.  Think karate kata with a sword. 

Maybe I'll be offered a (bit) part in an epic battle movie like Red Cliff...?!

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