Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Gone Home: Alvin Lee

The last few months haven't been kind to musicians in the rock, jazz and pop arenas. If it wasn't bad enough with Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Lee Dorman (Iron Butterfly; -ok, ok but I loved "In a Gadda da Vida"), Dave Brubeck, Kevin Ayres (Soft Machine) all playing their last codas, Alvin Lee has now checked out. A terrible shock and a shame as I was hoping to catch him at one of his European gigs in the not too distant future. He was surely one of the first guitar shredders and arguably the most exciting guitarist at Woodstock. I'm sure he came close to melting his Gibson 335 on occasions. Here he is, appropriately enough, going home...RIP, Mr Lee.


john mansell said...

Hi Mate, just found your blog, love it!! a man after my own heart. I agree, Alvin blew the rest away, even Jimi. Did you go to Bath 1970? one of the best line-ups ever to grace a festival stage. Anyway, look after yourself and Peace and Love to you and yours.


Mad Dog said...

Hi John. Thanks for stopping by -I'm glad you've enjoyed some of my ramblings. No, I didn't go to Bath -I chose to scoot off to Spain instead. Something I've regretted ever since!