Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Despite my advanced age, I still like to listen to modern music including new and emerging bands.  I"m very aware that "my era" produced some of the most innovative and enduring rock anthems of all time but I have no intention of getting stuck listening solely to the likes of Cream, Zeppelin and Hendrix for the rest of my mortal existence. Recently, this jolly bunch from the UK caught my attention and are one of the best rock bands I've heard in a very long time. And they do ROCK! Dorje [dawr-juh] comprises musical virtuosos Rabea Massaad (guitar), Dave Hollingworth (bass) and Ben Minal (drums)  - the ensemble is fronted by the charismatic YouTube guitar guru, Rob Chapman (guitar, vocals).

Take a listen. In contemporary vernacular it's pure filth!

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