Friday, January 15, 2010

So U Think That 2?

Despite a few reservations about both their music and antics in recent years, I posted a YouTube clip of U2 a week ago as I thought it was appropriate for a New Year greeting and besides I quite liked them in the early 80s. However Ohara, Andrew and Chuck have expressed reservations about my choice and I've noted rancor and discontent expressed by other writers. A more systematic search of the interweb has revealed a very large number of individuals for whom this band represents the musical equivalent of chewing aluminium foil. I have thus compiled a list of reasons why Bono and the Boys are not everyone's favourite combo. Here are 10* that I find the most amusing:

  1. They still haven't found what they're looking for? Would it kill them to ask someone for directions?
  2. "The Edge" sounds like a disposable BIC product.
  3. In the name of love? How about in the name of God?
  4. Bono is an anagram of Nobo, Noob, and Pompous Dickhead.
  5. Bono would take a meeting with Pol Pot if it would get him on the BBC.
  6. James Joyce counseled his fellow Irishmen to adopt "silence, exile and cunning." In Bono's case, we'd have settled for the silence.
  7. The Edge actually calls himself The Edge (hahahahahahahaha).
  8. Bono’s sunglasses look like those hideous disposable things the optometrist gives you after a pupil dilation procedure.
  9. When they write lyrics like "Freedom has a scent like the top of a newborn baby's head", I’d rather take oppression.
  10. Their shameless hawking of high-end electronic products from Blackberry and Apple is inconsistent with their image of anti-enstablishment rockers.
*This compilation is from various diverse sources, my apologies for not acknowledging each one individually. Also note these views are not necessarily my own so please don't send me hate mail.

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