Monday, February 09, 2009

We Made It!

At MC Finish
PRX 720B at the finish in Monte Carlo

I'm back in Seattle and am delighted to report that the Minispares-Mad Dog Rallying team completed the 12e Monte Carlo Historique rally in fine style. Despite a broken gearbox (no 3rd or reverse), a sheared rear suspension knuckle and the loss of one headlight PRX 720B made the finish podium on the Quai d'Albert in fine style. We finished in the middle of the pack (209 out of 333 starters and were 5th in class (I'll have to verify that). And of course if we hadn't had the above problems we'd have been among the front runners. The attrition was amazing: 25% of all crews either failed to finish due to mechanical failure or the dreaded altercations with street furniture. Full reports will be forthcoming when I've had time to collect myself and put out all the usual fires that have ignited in my absence.

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