Monday, February 11, 2008

Back to Reality

MCH 2008 405
Mad Dogs attack snowy conditions with gusto en route to Monte Carlo

Well, the rally adventure is over for another year. I got back to Seattle about 12 hours ago after an exhausting 80 hour journey from Monte Carlo. A full account of our adventures will be forthcoming after I've unpacked, dealt with the laundry, soothed stroppy cats, attended to admin, dealt with the email deluge at work (urgh!) and done the usual post-trip fire-fighting.

So for now it's enough to say we didn't win the rally and on day 4 we had a minor flirtation with some iron railings that broke our steering rack and put paid to our chances. But this was without doubt the most exciting and fun event ever and I can't wait to have another go in 2009. More soon...

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