Friday, April 28, 2006

A Real Mad Dog

Chihuaua handstand

A couple of days ago, while out and about on the streets of the great metropolis of Bellevue, Washington, I had an Alice in Wonderland moment. No it wasn't a grinning Cheshire Cat that I stumbled across (actually that sort of happened a bit later, but that's another story) but a promenading chihuaua. Now people with small dogs are not uncommon in this city but what the dog was doing was quite amazing: it was walking on its front paws, handstand style, while simultaneously peeing. Quite astonishing and before you ask the answer is, no, I hadn't been at the shiraz or ingested any kind of mushroom.

A quick search on Google revealed that this behaviour is not uncommon with this breed: see picture above (apologies to the person whose Flickr album I plundered). in addition it would seem that other members of the animal kingdom get up to similar antics. My guess is that these creatures are males and are cavorting in this manner to impress females....

panda peeing
Panda doing handstand (courtesy of the BBC).

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