Thursday, August 18, 2005

Observations on Site Traffic

I've been monitoring my site traffic quite carefully since my "CNN Newsmodels" lark last week. Some odd things have been going on:
  • On the day of the post my site traffic doubled
  • None of the hits were due to searches for these CNN ladies although I had one today for Rudi Bakhtiar who seems to be everybody's favourite.
  • I've had lots of hits from referring websites that seemed to appear in a three hour window. Many of these were Spanish and Portuguese and there was at least one about which I had no clue of the language used.
  • None of these referring sites had linked "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"; this was very mysterious and I had no idea what was happening until today. I think Dawn at Webmiztris has figured it out and commented in her usual colourful manner. These hits were probably coming from people hitting the "Next" button on blogger. But why did this happen in a three hour period and why have I never seen it before or since?
  • I've got a feeling there's spam in the air. The other thing I've noticed this week though thankfully not on my site, is spam appearing in the Haloscan comments.
  • I'm still getting a steady trickle of individuals looking for photos of Sarah Beeny. Now listen you sad bastards, wander over to see Caratacus because for awhile at least he had posted some pictures of her naked although I can't speak for the authenticity of these shots!! Now no running and will the last person out please close the door...

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