Thursday, January 13, 2005

Rally Country

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I've been burning the midnight oil for the last few nights mapping the route for the all-too-rapidly approaching Monte Carlo Historique rallye. It's quite a task. Hopefully I'll finish tonight. Now "all" that remains to be done is to put together my notes and photocopies of the regularity stages in the form of a roadbook. Hopefully this will make information readily accessible and reduce mistakes in the heat of battle. On reviewing the route, the first time from the perspective of the navigator, I can see that it takes us through some classic rally country -the Ardeche, Haute Alpes and the Alpes Maritime. Narrow roads up and down towering Cols. All very scenic although it's a pity we'll be going too fast and focusing on making our times to take it all in. But nevertheless the backdrop to this competition makes it the most popular and prestigious event in the classic motorsport calendar (same goes for the modern WRC event which uses many of the same stages and is also organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco).

It's hard to believe that there are only 10 days to go before I'm once again on an airplane heading back to Europe. Despite doing my best to plan eveything in an orderly manner I just know we are going to be in a frantic last minute panic before the event. Why do I put myself in these situations...?


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