Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Rot n' Roll

I feel the need to comment on several things today...

1) Have just been informed by bodyshop that my Mini has severe rust under the horrid oversills. The fellow in the shop is fabricating a new floor. I hope he does a good job. This is going to cost more money but better to be safe than sorry. And cosmetically it will look good. Or at least I hope so as MiniWorld is pencilled in for a photoshoot on December 10.

2) I still spit blood thinking about the never ending atrocities carried out by Henley Classic Minis. I've been contacted by (unfortunately) another victim who, having been sold a criminally bodged car, is now plotting his revenge. I will send him a package of evidence as soon as I get time. I checked to see if the UK small claims court has a statute of limitations. It's 6 years. So I still have a year and a bit to file if I can summon up the emotional energy...

3) Was terribly upset to hear of the passing of John Peel. I've been listening to him for nearly 40 years and he moulded my musical tastes more than anyone else -witness record collection containing recordings from Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Jethro Tull (well their first album at least). I've also practiced aikido with Loudon Waingright III who was one of JP's regulars (sorry Loudon, I never bought any of your records). I saw him I think just once, at the National Jazz and Blues Festival, Sunbury, c1968. Ok, I know this dates me a bit but I was very young at the time. As a homage, I've cited one of John's "interests", namely: "starring out of the window" as one of my own. A lovely man who will be sorely missed. RIP.

4) Today I'm off to Washington DC to review grants for the National Institutes of Health. I'm a bit behind as usual and will have to work like crazy on the plane to catch up. No movie watching for me. I arrive back late on Friday night and then I'm off to Hawaii on Saturday for a birthday party. What a crazy life I lead. By some good fortune I'm not paying for this junket.

I will report on iaido, the election and my job search in my next postings.


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