Saturday, August 28, 2004

Family Triumphs

At the risk of bragging, this has been a good month for the Morrow family. First of all my daughter, Olivia, won Gold and Bronze medals at the US Rowing championships in Indianapolis. Then following a visit to Cambridge, UK, she decided to go there for postgraduate work after she graduates from the University of Washington in 2006; overall she is very fired up on the academic front.

However the last week has seen my brother's family shine. He lives in the UK and has five offspring. First of all the eldest son, Richard, secured his place at the London School of Economics following good A level results (A levels are something like a combination of high school graduation and SATs). He's going to study human geography. I've no idea what this is but suspect it's economics by another name. The LSE is one of the world's best business schools so we are all delighted.

Yesterday the second oldest, Hannah (16), got her GCSE results: 8 A* and 2 A. She's going to do Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology at A level and is committed to go to medical school and is already plotting her applications.

The Morrow Gang with Daughter & Heir, Olivia 

The younger children have also been doing very well. Today Christopher won the under 8s AND under 9s classes at the Gloucester County tennis championships. Matthew was runner up in the finals of the (under 11s?). James has been recruited to play football (soccer) for Gloucester Town juniors. I'm very proud of everybody and am savouring the moment.



P.S. Note to diehard readers (ha!), these pictures have been added retrospectively, now that I've figured out the photo hosting trick.

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