Thursday, June 02, 2005

Saucy Sarah’s Staggering Statistics

Photo from Channel 4 Television and purloined brazenly.

Last week Mad Dog readers were in a tizzy about the toxic troubles of titillating temptress Sarah Beeny. But the biohazardous beauty has done wonders for tourist traffic with my site hits increasing five fold at peak and three times on average.

More interestingly my photo hosting service, Flickr, indicates double the number of hits on the photos of the lovely Sarah over Channel 4 rival, Kirstie Allsopp. We have a very clear winner it seems. It's also of note that I’m getting a lot of search engine traffic for other property programme hosts Zilpah Hartley, Seetha Hallett, Simone Bienne and other posh looking ladies with improbable names. Top Tottie indeed! I can tell you (if you were ever in doubt) that sex, even with a very small “s” sells. Ha! Ha!

OK, I’m sorry. This all started out as an experiment and seems to have got out of hand. I promise I won’t mention the Beeny Babe again (well for few weeks at least). However I might do a post or two on her property programme peers and maybe CNN News anchors too.

I wonder if The Sun has any high paying positions open...?

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